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We have made Rights Respecting School Quilts which are on display. All pupils in school looked at the articles and drew one and these were made into quilts of rights. At assembly we discussed rights. 



Well done to everyone who participated in The Race For Life -we raised the fantastic amount of £961 which we will make up to £1000 and split between UNICEF and Breast Cancer. Thank you for your donations.




We are so pleased to announce that we are official a Rights Respecting School. We passed our assessment visit on 

the 27th of of April and have now achieved Level 1 status. We are so proud of our achievement.

Well done to all staff and pupils for their hard work!

Here is our new Rights respecting Schools' Logo


P6SP made watercolour pictures on Remembrance day. They discussed what the poppy symbolises and created fantastic                    paintings.
They also discussed 11 things to be thankful for on 11/11. They used the articles from the UNCRC to express their opinions.

Class Charters
Class charters are a collaboration between children and adults on children's rights and learning in school. All classes, along with their teacher selected those right that they felt were most important in their learning classroom. All adults and children then promised to value these rights and act in a respectful way to ensure everyone receives these rights.
I am sure from the pictures below you will see how creative all classes have been in displaying the rights and pledging to upload the values and respectful principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.








Can you see the yellow stars? These are the symbols that will start appearing around the school linking our displays to the articles that they make us think about.

We chose stars as the symbol as it made us think of article number 29 "Every child has  the right to be the best they can be."

We have had a super start back this year and all classes completed different activities during our Rights Awareness Fortnight. All children have become more familiar with the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child and all its articles. Did you know there are 54 in total...42 of which are for children. The rest are for adults to understand these rights and what their part is in making sure children receive these rights.  
Classes have created posters, taken part in debates, read stories and participated in discussions to become familiar with all the articles in the convention. All children are participating in activities which allows them to understand the articles and what that means for them and every child around the world.
All classes have created class charters. These are promises to each other and their teachers about carrying out respectful behaviour within the classroom to ensure they receive and allow all other children to receive their rights. Therefore  making the learning environments safe, positive, enriching and welcoming.
Over the following year our 'Rights Respecting Ambassadors' will keep you updated with what is going on around the school on this webpage and through special RRS newsletters. They will also be presenting at assemblies to ensure all children are aware of developments within the school and to continually promote children's rights.




Onthank Primary school is becoming a Rights Respecting School.
Rights Respecting Schools seeks to put the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child at the heart of our school ethos and culture to improve well-being and develop every child's talents and abilities to their full potential. This   is an essential  component  of our school’s improvement plan and is one of the main cores  of our   school’s  planning,  practice,  policies,  and ethos.
We have recently received our Recognition of Commitment and are looking forward to our journey to level 1.
The whole school are becoming familiar with the articles during whole school assemblies. An exciting programme of work is being created for the start of session 15/16 to ensure the whole school is continuing to work on their awareness in class and around the school.
A pupil committee is being set up to raise awareness of the rights of the child.  This relates to the Improvement Plan because we are aiming to improve rights linked to learning.  Our pupil committee will  meet once a month and our steering group  will consists of pupils , staff , parents and hopefully our school minister.  We will be creating a new school charter, lunchtime and playground charters.  Each  class will also  have their own charter.  We will be trying to link our topics and school displays to the articles of the UNCRC . Representatives from our RRS Pupil committee will also inform our pupils of the Articles which relate to  our monthly RRS school assemblies.
Friday 8th May: Bring a Pound for NepalArticle 24 : Every child has the right to fresh, clean water.

WE RAISED £856.69 Thank you.

We've all got rights video clip

The convention on the rights of the child video clip.