A full version of our school improvement priorities can be found here: Onthank PS and Gaelic Improvement Plan 2017-2018.pdf


School Improvement Priorities  

Working with key stakeholders, we have our school improvement plan which guides us with our next steps.   East Ayrshire schools all agreed there should be three main targets linking to Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing.  Here are some of the initiatives we will be working on:


Learners will achieve high standards of literacy through the implementation of a phonics programme across the school. We will also work towards enhancing pupil knowledge, understanding and use of an additional language.


Raising attainment in numeracy through the development of resources and implementation of a variety of teaching styles. Learners will develop a consistent use of mathematical language and will have enhanced confidence and understanding in numeracy and mathematics.

There will also be a focus on STEM (Science, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics), with learners having access to planned and purposeful experiences related to STEM.

Health & Wellbeing

To continue to develop a whole school nurturing ethos. The school will work constructively in partnership with class teachers and parents to enable consistency of approaches across both home and school. Vulnerable learners will also be provided with a carefully structured relationship based environment where they receive an intensive period of support and nurturing.

Gaelic Transition to new campus

The school will also be preparing learners from the Gaelic department for their move to the new McIlvanney campus. Learners and staff will be involved in the planned move by developing a shared vision and values with key stakeholders. Opportunities to visit the new campus will also be provided to allow for a seamless transition.


Standards and Qualities Report

Our Standards and Qualities Report for 2016-2017 can be found here: Onthank Primary Standard and Qualities Report 16-17